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Accessibility is incorporated into the implementation phase by ensuring all maintenance and support artifacts address accessibility within the system. With a system that is optimized for accessibility, a support team needs to be familiar with accessibility tools, methodologies and resources that may be used with that system.

It is the responsibility of the project manager to ensure that training, handbooks and other support resources made available to maintenance teams and include accessibility-related information. In addition, it is the responsibility of maintenance/operations teams to be versed in accessibility related concepts, technologies, and solutions to effectively support the solution.

Along with to roles and responsibilities as defined in the system development life cycle (SDLC):

A project manager should:

  • Verify that any transition or maintenance/operations documentation includes specific references to accessibility, where applicable

  • Ensure that any support staff responsible for maintaining the system have been informed of the accessible aspects of the system


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Project Manager

What to do

How to do it

Ensure in M&O planning that knowledge transfer includes specific callouts to assistive technologies and system accessibility in operations manuals, job aids, and documentation necessary for supporting systems.
  1. Review operations manuals and job aids to insure inclusion of specific references to accessibility, where applicable.

  2. In the transition plan, provide for training sessions, information and/or resources to M&O teams to ensure an appropriate level of familiarity with accessibility concepts, technologies, and solutions necessary for ongoing support.

    Overview of Accessibility Tools and Concepts

  3. Ensure that all project related documentation is in accessible formats. This includes, but is not limited to, work breakdown structures, project schedules and timelines, status reports, and all other project artifacts.

    Guide to creating accessible documents