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Usability and accessibility are different lenses to assess user experience. An accessibility assessment supports evaluation of IT systems for compliance with applicable statutes and policies. For a system to truly be accessible, it must be usable for the person employing assistive technology and provide an experience comparable to a person not using assistive technology. A usability assessment will identify design issues with the user interface that could be problematic for the end-user, and in some cases, prevent access to the system’s core functionality. Completion of both an accessibility and usability assessment is essential to providing the best possible user experience.

Factors to consider when performing the accessibility assessment:

  • Methods & Procedures
  • Assessment Setup and Support
  • Reporting


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Method and Procedures

Setup and Support

Metrics and Reporting

Assessment Results
Compile and compare the usability and accessibility assessment to the targeted metrics. Document results in a comprehensive issue or improved user experienced report. Include recommendations for future usability and accessibility improvement.

Outcome vs Objectives
Measure the usability and accessibility assessment results against defined objectives. Evaluate the details. Adjust the test approach as warranted and rerun testing in the case the outcome of the testing presents anomalies in the testing approach.

Document the outcome of each major usability and accessibility assessment as to the desired behavior, the impact to the usability and accessibility of the system or website, the severity the defect represents, and the recommended adjustments. Outcomes demonstrating non-compliance with required standards should be given highest priority.

Follow the department’s normal incident management process to manage the accessibility assessment reporting phase. This allows report generation using existing defect management tools.