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Usability and accessibility remediation efforts ensure existing systems provide equal access, satisfy compliance regulations and improve user experience. Things to consider for a when drafting remediation plan for accessibility:

  • Key decision makers
  • Remediation of existing systems’ known usability and accessibility issues
  • Future process improvements -- If the system will be enhanced or upgraded please see the Active Projects section of the Access IT CA website for more information and considerations.


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Evaluating Incidents or Defects

Consider impact to users when evaluating accessibility defects/incidents for existing systems:

  • Does the defect//incident make the system functionality, website or web page unusable for the user?
  • Does the defect/incident preclude the system from providing comparable access to services (takes longer to use, less rich experience)?
  • Does the affected system functionality provide an important service that the user is required or expected to use (file taxes, obtain emergency services)?