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Usability and accessibility remediation efforts ensure existing systems provide equal access, satisfy compliance regulations and improve user experience. Things to consider for a when drafting remediation plan for accessibility:

  • Key decision makers
  • Remediation of existing systems’ known usability and accessibility issues
  • Future process improvements -- If the system will be enhanced or upgraded please see the Active Projects section of the Access IT CA website for more information and considerations.


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Evaluating Incidents or Defects



Consider the following if accessibility issues cannot be remediated right away:

  • Is there an alternative but comparable method for obtaining the same result as obtained from using the system (i.e. telephone support)?
  • Is there a ready workaround that could provide access to the affected functionality?
  • Is there already a plan to address the issue identified, or could a resolution be added to upcoming plans for system corrections/enhancements?
  • Is there a natural opportunity to address the issue (new system in development, procurement of alternate solution)?
  • Is it reasonable to address the issue (legacy system with minimal support)?
  • Are resources available to address the issue?
  • Is there an alternative to the affected system functionality that, while not providing comparable access, does allow the user to gain the benefit of the affected system functionality (user can mail a form rather than using the website)?