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Creating Accessible Content

All State Departments are required to provide equal access to information and services that are available by technology. Providing access to information and services should not be initiated by an individual’s specific request for accommodation. That means all State employees that create digital, electronic, or online content are required to follow best practices and accessibility standards to ensure that their content can be viewed by all, regardless of their abilities. Below are some resources and guidelines to help create accessible content.


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Word Documents

Excel Spreadsheets

Duty Statements

Man sitting in a wheelchair Below is proposed sample language that may be used as a universal accessibility clause within the Essential Job Functions of duty state-ments. This can help to recruit staff with accessibility experience.

Digital Accessibility: Apply appropriate digital accessibility statute, policy, and technical guidance and implement accessible technology usability best practices. Facilitate, perform, and lead accessibility assessments of department websites, applications, documents, and media. Ensure compliance with applicable state and federal infor-mation technology accessibility requirements.

User Experience (UX) Designer

When trying to recruit and retain a UX Designer, it is important to make sure that the individual has accessibility experience so that design maximizes the experience for all users. The following proposed sample Job Summary and Desirable Qualification language may be considered.

Job Summary:

UX Designers are responsible for creating usable solutions for websites and web applications through extensive user research, iterative design cycles, and collaboration with various technology and business units. Responsibilities include conducting user research through interviews or accessibility/usability testing; developing information architecture and interaction design; developing user task flows, wireframes, and prototypes for websites and web applications; and conducting usability reviews for existing products, sites, or in-progress design.

Desirable Qualifications/Skills:

  • Experience working in UX design, user research, interaction design, information design, or information architecture
  • Knowledge of digital accessibility as defined by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act as well as user experience testing with assistive technology
  • Experience working in visual design for web, web development, search engine optimization, or web marketing and the ability to create working prototypes for in-progress design
  • Proficiency with wireframing, graphic design software, familiarity with user research software, experience working in graphic design, visual communications, user experience/interaction design
  • Knowledge of user research practices including persona development, interviews, focus groups, surveys, (planning, moderation, analysis, findings and recommendations) and usability testing

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