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Creating Accessible Content

All State Departments are required to provide equal access to information and services that are available by technology. Providing access to information and services should not be initiated by an individual’s specific request for accommodation. That means all State employees that create digital, electronic, or online content are required to follow best practices and accessibility standards to ensure that their content can be viewed by all, regardless of their abilities. Below are some resources and guidelines to help create accessible content.


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Word Documents

Excel Spreadsheets

Duty Statements

Organization Charts

Woman drawing an organization chart on a window An organization chart (org chart) is typically presented as an image. This method can potentially create accessibility problems as there is no practical way to construct an org chart so that the text in it and its structure would be available to all users. Instead, consider how to provide a textual alternative incorporating nested lists or simply plain and descriptive text of the visual representation.

Alternative Text Organization Chart

Rather than listing the names and roles within a text box similar to the graphic above, the data is presented in an outline format that can be easily consumed by screen reader software. The follow-ing is an example of an accessible, alternative text version of an org chart:

This organization chart depicts the Division of Information Technology’s structure and organizational components

Division of Information Technology Organizational Chart - Text Description

Elise Clarkson, Chief Information Officer

Offices within Division of IT

1. Office of Infrastructure
Dave Nickson, Chief reporting to him are:

  • a. Vacant, System Administration
  • b. Lani Womer, Networks
  • c. Evan Arch, Storage and Backup
  • d. Steve Forster, Desktop Support
  • e. Richard Livingston, Identity and Access Management

2. Office of Application Development and Innovation
Betty Deering, Chief reporting to her are:

  • a. Steve Chase, Custom Applications
  • b. Fred Haddix, Mobile and Web Design
  • c. Darlene Santos, Project Management
  • d. Teresa Warner, Database and Middleware

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