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Business Analysis

Business analysis is performed within the Project Approval Lifecycle at the very beginnning of a project. This stage is known as Stage Gate 1, also known as "S1BA".

The Stage 1 Business Analysis represents the business justification for your project. Below are some areas to consider when preparing your S1BA document.


Business Analysis | Alternative Analysis | Solution-Development | Approval


What to do

How to do it

Business Driver

Ensure accessibility business and technical standards have been clearly defined and documented. These include:

Business Case and/or Opportunity Statement

Consider accessibility requirements when preparing the business case.

  • Are there potential benefits related to web visits versus in-person office visits for individuals with mobility challenges?
  • Is there a reduction of potential legal actions and negative public image by increasing overall access with an accessible user experience?
  • Will it increase acceptance of government services for all users?
  • Will it increase compliance with accessibility laws?

Additional reference information specific to business cases can be found at

Assist with the organization of the project team

Meet with staff from program areas, enterprise architecture, subject matter experts, enterprise oversight, PAL team, etc to gather project information related to accessibility design, development, and testing.

Assist in the development of project documents

Assist in the development of accessibility business rules, system requirements, financial worksheets, process flows, market research, and recommendations.

Assist in identifying accessibility risks and opportunities to the project.

Project Manager