Disability Advisory Committee Members

  • Brandon Leyton, DAC Chairman Information Technology Services Division Representative

  • Kerry Gantt, DAC Vice Chairman Executive Office Representative

  • Monica Tejada Administrative Services Division Representative

  • James Forbes Specialized Services Division Representative

  • Laura Metheney At-Large Representative

  • Sandra Mitchell At-Large Representative

  • Sky Ntxwj At-Large Representative

  • (Vacant) Independent Living and External Affairs Representative

  • (Vacant) Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Division Representative

  • (Vacant) Vocational Rehabilitation Policy and Resources Division

  • (Vacant) At-Large Representative

  • (Vacant) At-Large Representative


DAC Contact Information

Disability Advisory Committee Office

(916) 322-5851 (Voice)
(916) 558-5596 (FAX)
721 Capitol Mall
Sacramento, CA 95814



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