Independent Living Grants

The Department of Rehabilitation's Independent Living Section awards the following grants as outlined in the State Plan for Independent Living:

  • Continue to fund the current network of independent living centers; (Note: The State's 2000-01 and 2001-02 budget appropriated funds to establish assistive technology programs in each California independent living center. A decision about continuing this funding will be made in each year's budget development process)

  • Fund a statewide community education/community change statewide network;

  • Provide support for local self advocacy training;

  • Provide funding for emergencies and emerging issues that are relevant to people with disabilities;

  • Fund community organizing activities to facilitate development of culturally appropriate independent living programs and services to underserved and unserved "communities", and to implement system changes. These communities may be isolated either culturally or geographically.

  • Award technical assistance grants for provision of local, regional and statewide training or expert assistance.


DOR's Available Grants and Requests for Proposals Page

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