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The Independent Living Section (ILS) of the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) believes that each person with a disability is unique and has the same civil rights as people who do not have a disability.

The Independent Living Section of the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) is one part of California's independent living network, which includes 28 independent living centers (ILCs) and the State Independent Living Council (SILC). The network is dedicated to the ideal that communities become fully accessible and integrated so that all persons with disabilities can live, work, shop and play where they choose, without barriers. DOR administers the program in California and provides technical assistance and financial support for the independent living centers


State Plan for Independent Living (on the SILC website)


In an effort to provide ongoing technical assistance on new core services mandated by WIOA, ILCAD has worked with California's ILC's to compile information on the work they have done and the programs they have developed to serve youth with disabilities (ages 14-24) in Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2015-2016. This Document also contains a listing of all Independent Living Centers, Device Lending Libraries, Traumatic Brain Injury Service Sites, and IL Network Program Partners.

Independent Living Center Youth Programs Report & Resource Directory 2016-2017 (Word)


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To contact the Independent Living Section, call (916) 558-5775 (Voice), or (844) 729-2800 (TTY), or send an email to