Bilingual Pay Differential

Bilingual Pay applies to those positions designated as such by the hiring supervisor and approved by the Personnel Services Section. A salary differential is paid when an employee uses their bilingual skills an average of 10% or more of their total work time. (Time should be an average of the time spent on bilingual activities during a given fiscal year.) Employees are eligible for this pay whether they are using such skills in a conversational, interpretation, or translation setting. Their position must be in a work setting where bilingual skills are required to meet the needs of the public in either:

  • A direct public contact position
  • A position utilized to perform interpretation, translation or specialized bilingual activities for the department and its clients.
  • A hospital or institutional setting dealing with patient or inmate

In order to receive bilingual pay, the employee must successfully participate in a Bilingual Fluency Examination administered either by the State Personnel Board (SPB), or the DOR. The SPB exam is given in Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin) and Tagalog (Filipino). The DOR also administers fluency examinations for bilingual skills tailored to the mission of our department, such as Sign Language proficiency.

If the position meets the criteria, and the employee has proof of fluency, then the position is eligible to be considered for the Bilingual Differential Pay ($100 monthly). This pay is processed via the DR 624 process, where the supervisor submits a DR624, with a STD 897 (Request for Bilingual Pay) and proof of fluency attached. If an employee questions why they haven't received their pay, they need to go through their supervisor or attendance coordinator.