Rehabilitation Counseling Internships

The Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) offers volunteer internships for vocational rehabilitation students looking to gain experience and get a first-hand look at rehabilitation counseling at the DOR.

Who Can Apply

The internship is for candidates pursuing a graduate degree in vocational rehabilitation. While your year of study is not important, we are looking for students with an interest in a vocational rehabilitation career.

About The Internship Program

The internship experience is designed to fully immerse you in the day-to-day activities of a vocational rehabilitation counselor. The program begins with an orientation where you’ll learn about the mission of the DOR, how we serve our consumers, and training designed to help you get the most out of your experience.

After orientation, you will receive real responsibilities to give you a sense of what you would be doing, day-to-day, as a fulltime DOR counselor. You will work as a member of the DOR team to serve our consumers.

Many of our successful interns work for the DOR in full time positions such as Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors, Employment Coordinators, and Service Coordinators.

How To Apply

Complete the Internship Application

Important: You must specify all the county would you like to work in at the time of application submission. If applying to multiple counties, please indicate in your application.

If you have questions regarding the DOR internship opportunity, feel free to reach out to the contacts below.


DOR District Internship Contacts

Core Program DOR Internship Contacts