California Department of Rehabilitation 2014 State Plan

2014 DOR State Plan

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Cover Page

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

- This section is the State Plan Preprint.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Supported Employment Certification Regarding Lobbying
- These are required certification.


4.2(c) State Rehabilitation Council Input
- This attachment summarizes the input and recommendations of the SRC over the past year, and DOR's response to those comments and recommendations.

4.7(b)(3) Waiver of Statewideness
- This attachment is the request for a Waiver of Statewideness.

4.8(b)(1) Cooperative Agreements with Agencies Not Carrying Out Activities Under the Statewide Workforce Investment System
- This attachment describes interagency cooperation with and utilization of the services and facilities of agencies and programs that are not carrying out activities through the statewide workforce investment system.

4.8(b)(2) Coordination with Education Officials
- This attachment describes coordination with education officials and provides information on the formal interagency agreement with the state educational agency.

4.8(b)(3) Cooperative Agreements with Private Nonprofit Organizations
- This attachment describes the manner in which the designated state agency establishes cooperative agreements with private non-profit vocational rehabilitation service providers.

4.8(b)(4) Cooperative Agreements for Provision of Supported Employment Services
- This attachment describes the efforts of the designated state agency to provide supported employment and extended services.

4.10 Comprehensive System of Personnel Development
- This attachment describes DOR's comprehensive system of personnel development (CSPD) which is used to recruit, hire, and retain a staff of qualified professionals to provide VR services.

4.11(a) Statewide Needs Assessment
- This attachment describes the assessment of needs for vocational rehabilitation services, including the needs of those individuals with the most significant disabilities and the needs of unserved and underserved individuals who have a disability.

4.11(b) Annual Estimates
- This attachment includes an annual estimate of individuals to be served by DOR.

4.11(c)(1) Goals and Priorities
- This attachment describes DOR's annual goals and priorities.

4.11(c)(3) Order of Selection
- This attachment describes DOR's order of selection (OOS) and includes the projected outcomes and service goals for each category in the OOS.

4.11(c)(4) Goals and Plans for Distribution of Title VI, Part B Supported Employment Funds
- This attachment describes DOR's goals and plans for using supported employment funds received under Title VI Part B of the Rehabilitation Act.

4.11(d) Strategies
- This attachment describes DOR's strategies and plans for the use of Title I funds for innovation and expansion activities.

4.11(e)(2) Evaluation and Reports of Progress
- This attachment provides an evaluation of DOR's 2012 Federal Fiscal Year State Plan Goals and Performance Measures.

6.3 Quality, Scope, and Extent of Supported Employment Services
- This attachment describes quality, scope, and extent of supported employment (SE) services to be provided to individuals with the most significant disabilities, and describes the timing of the transition to extended services.