The Department of Rehabilitation's Guidelines for Accessing Public Information

Anyone is entitled to view or obtain a copy of a public record maintained by the California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR). The following guidelines will assist you by letting you know how the request will be processed.

  1. To make a request to view a public record, you may contact DOR External Affairs by phone at 916-558-5874, by e-mail at, or in writing to 721 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, CA 95814. You may also request to view a public record at any local DOR office, during the DOR's regular business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Calling in advance of viewing a public record is not necessary, but will increase the likelihood that it will be available for you to view.

  2. There is no cost for viewing a public record in person or for obtaining records that are available electronically, on a CD, or physical copies with page counts less than 100. If you would like to obtain a physical copy of a public record, we will first give you the actual or estimated number of pages and the cost for copies if warranted. If the page count is 100 pages or more, you will be required to remit payment of ten cents per page to the DOR prior to receiving the records. After we've received payment from you, we will promptly provide you with the copies. Alternative formats are available upon request.

  3. Records containing personal information about a contractor or DOR employee are exempt from the Public Records Act; however, if you have a valid subpoena or written consent to view the personal records, we are permitted to release the information to you.

  4. In order to obtain personal records of a DOR consumer, his or her written consent must be received prior to the release.

  5. If you request data that may only be obtained by computer programming, you must pay the costs of programming before we run the report for you. We will provide you with a cost estimate prior to performing any programming, and will promptly provide the record to you upon receipt of payment.

  6. We have 10 calendar days from the date we receive your request for information to determine whether the record is public and available. We will provide the requested information to you as soon as possible. When we must coordinate with several offices to determine if we have a record, we may extend our response by an additional 14 days.

  7. If we do not have a record that you've requested, we will do our best to help you identify other records or outlets that may meet your needs.

  8. For any questions about this policy, you may contact DOR External Affairs at 916-558-5874, 916-558-5807 (TTY), or, or the DOR Legal Affairs Office at 916-558-5825.