Individual Service Providers

Required for all ISP Services

  • DR 296 - ISP Invoice (PDF)
    Prepare and submit this form monthly to invoice DOR for services you provided to consumers. Complete one invoice for each counselor, listing all consumers served who were referred by that counselor.

  • DR 296 A - Worksheet (PDF)
    Submit this supplemental worksheet for each consumer served during the month with the invoice. It's designed to help an ISP track the actual time spent providing services to each consumer per month.

Required, Except for Readers, Note Takers, Attendants and Drivers*

  • DR 174 - Progress Report
    Prepare the completed progress report for each consumer served and submit monthly. Include sufficient information to assist the counselor with tracking the consumerís progress in their VR employment goals.

*Unless requested by the local DOR office.

Submit all monthly invoice(s) with supplemental DR296As to the District Office "Bill To" address noted on the authorization. Submit progress reports to the address as directed by the DOR office. Refer to the ISP Handbook for more detailed invoicing instructions if needed.