Vendor Invoicing Processes (VIP)


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VIP Project Activities and Outcomes

The VIP sub-project team initiated project activities to redesign the authorizing, invoicing, and payments processes; policies and procedures; and provide staff and vendor training on its refined processes to ensure effective, appropriate, and timely authorization of services and commodities, approval of invoices, payments, and disencumbering of funds.

The VIP sub-project team implemented a district Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to provide vendors with a timely response to their invoicing questions. The VIP team conducted initial redesign sessions in April 2013 to identify short- and long-term improvements. From these sessions, the VIP sub-project team identified potential changes to procurement practices that may expedite payment processes. In addition, the VIP sub-project team interviewed other state agencies to identify long-term process improvements in alignment with planned Accessible Web-based Reporting Environment (AWARE) enhancements to streamline records management practices and accounting processes. The VIP sub-project team anticipates completing initial redesign activities in November 2013 and will begin planning how to communicate and implement a pilot of the approved initial redesign.

The VIP sub-project team efforts dovetail with planned changes to fiscal transaction processing using the AWARE electronic records system in lieu of the aged Client Accounting System. Other planned AWARE enhancements will result in reductions to data entry errors, increased staff accountability, and timely disencumbering of funds.