Vendor Services Improvement (VSI)


Vendor Utilization Management - Partnering with Service 
                Providers for Consumer Success


VSI Project Activities and Outcomes

In State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2008-09, DOR transitioned from case-service contracts and an individualized cost-statement based rate system to a uniform rate structure, which provided standardized vendor performance-based expectations. A DOR certification and vendor policy established a fee-for-service payment structure and provided the definition of services and appropriate outcomes for each service rendered, enhancing DOR's ability to identify VR service gaps.

In early 2012, DOR participated in a discussion with vendors who expressed concerns with DOR's defined employment services and associated rate structure, as well as with DOR's internal processes for authorization and timely payments. In August 2012, the DOR conducted listening sessions to elicit input from CRPs on the employment service fee-for-service rate structure. Vendors provided feedback on the standardized, fee-for-service rate structure, including opportunities for improvement. Several concerns were shared including those related to the difficulties and challenges vendors face with the time and cost necessary to effectively serve rural areas and/or consumers with more severe disabilities.

The VSI sub-project team has continued to gather data that will inform changes to vendorization, certification, accreditation, and employment services processes. This team interviewed district management and staff, and select CRPs on the current process, and interviewed other states to identify VR services best practices that may be applied to its redesign efforts.

The VSI sub-project team will next identify how to standardize VR employment services processes and identify provider performance measures and processes to track performance against these measures. The project team will seek input from district management and staff, and its community partners on proposed changes. After incorporating this input, the team will plan how to best implement and communicate what is changing.

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