Vendor Utilization Management (VUM)


Vendor Utilization Management - Partnering with Service 
                Providers for Consumer Success


VUM Project Overview

The Vendor Utilization Management (VUM) project was formally chartered in May 2013 with Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) Directorate support and approval to: 1) redesign and streamline the authorization, invoicing, payments, and disencumbering processes, and 2) modernize DOR's business model for establishing, purchasing, monitoring, and evaluating internal and external VR employment services.

The Project Need

The DOR initiated the VUM project to increase the number of successful employment outcomes and improve the performance, efficiency, and accountability of the VR program. Both DOR staff and DOR-authorized service providers such as Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs), Individual Service Providers (ISPs), private non-profit agencies, and for-profit agencies provide VR employment services to assist consumers with job assessment, readiness, and placement. The DOR formed a sub-project team to carry out VR Services Improvement (VSI) activities. To modernize the employment services business model, the Department will:

  • Standardize processes for the provision of employment services to consumers across the state, balancing service providers and internal services.

  • Establish provider performance measures and track performance against the measures (e.g., outcomes, timeliness, service quality and quantity).

  • Redefine the service provider payment structure to pay the appropriate price point for the service provided.

The VUM project will also identify and implement improvements to DOR vendor authorization, invoicing, payments, and disencumbering processes. DOR authorizes vendor services or commodities, and provides payment after confirming receipt and consistency with the authorization. DOR will improve these business processes to better serve the vendor community and maximize use of its fiscal resources. A second DOR sub-project team is completing VR Invoicing Processes (VIP) activities to accomplish these improvements. To redesign the authorization, invoicing, payment, and disencumbering process, the Department will:

  • Standardize policies, procedures, and processes statewide for consistency.

  • Revisit separation of duties to see where efficiencies can be realized.

  • Automate and streamline processes where appropriate.

  • Improve invoice payment timelines.

  • Improve vendor satisfaction.

For both sub-project efforts, DOR is working with staff and its community partners to redesign and implement changes.

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