Definitions of Service Providers

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The DOR works with a variety of community-based organizations to provide services to individuals with disabilities, helping them to achieve independence and employment. Our providers span the public and private sectors and include nonprofit and for-profit agencies, as well as individual service providers.


Private Nonprofit Agency - A private nonprofit is an organization approved by the IRS and State of California to supply services and programs to the community.

  • Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs)
    • (e.g., Goodwill, Pride Industries)
  • Supported Employment Program
    • a CRP that provides services needed to help and maintain an individual with a most significant disability in an integrated employment setting.

Persons who are interested in serving consumers as CRPs should review the following two documents:

Individual Service Providers (ISP) - A person that is not a part of any company or agency; an independent contractor who assists individuals with disabilities to participate in vocational rehabilitation and to achieve an employment outcome.

Persons who are interested in serving consumers as Individual Service Providers should review the ISP Handbook in PDF and the ISP Categories of Services in PDF.

Private For-Profit Agency - As a privately licensed business, private for-profit agencies can be used when necessary services from private nonprofit agencies are not available or sufficient. Once approval for usage has been granted from the Deputy Director, the requirements are the same as a private nonprofit agency.