What Happens Next?

  • Once your application has been submitted, an appointment will be scheduled with a counselor for an interview to begin the assessment process. The purpose of the assessment is to provide you and your counselor with an opportunity to discuss your disability and learn more about the level of impact it has on your ability to work as well as the types of DOR services you may need to assist you in becoming employed. If all requested information about your disability is received by DOR, your counselor will notify you of your eligibility determination, in writing, within 60 days of receiving your completed application. If information about your disability is delayed, you and your counselor will discuss and agree on a specific extension date to determine your eligibility.

  • If you are receiving Social Security Administration (SSA) benefits or if you have a valid "Ticket to Work," you are presumed to be eligible for DOR services.

If you are found eligible for DOR services, you will receive a priority score, called a Significance of Disability (SOD) score that will be used in the Order of Selection process. The law requires that DOR use this process when there is not enough money to serve all applicants. This ensures that DOR first serves those with the most significant disabilities.

If you have applied for services, gone through the assessment process, are found eligible for services, and are placed in a priority category being served, an Individualized Plan for Employment, (IPE) will be developed. The IPE is your written plan listing your job objectives and the DOR services you will receive in order to find and maintain employment.