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DOR believes in the talent and potential of individuals with disabilities. We have posted the following jobs in partnership with our business partners who are actively working to diversify their workplace by including opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Anyone can apply for the jobs listed below, but DOR program participants are strongly encouraged to work with their employment team to prepare for the opportunities listed below and apply.

Talent Acquisition Portal

The Talent Acquisition Portal ® (TAP) is an online system which includes a national talent pool of individuals with disabilities looking for employment and a job posting system for businesses looking to hire.

Limited Examination and Appointment Program (LEAP)

State of California jobs priority hiring for individuals with disabilities

LEAP is an alternative to the traditional testing process, allowing applicants to demonstrate knowledge, skills and abilities through on-the-job testing.

Schedule A Federal hiring

Schedule A refers to a special hiring authority that gives Federal agencies an optional, and potentially quicker, way to hire individuals with disabilities. It is one of the paths that can greatly benefit young adults who have an interest in beginning a career with the Federal government, and older workers who would like to work in public service.


CaliforniaCareerZone is a proven, successful career exploration and planning system designed especially for students. jobseekers, educators, and counselors. Users can learn about themselves and how they might match-up with occupations that detail the job definition, interests, tasks, skills, and more.

Imagine Academy

Microsoft Imagine Academy has been provided to us by in partnership with Microsoft for current DOR consumers to take FREE online classes.

Disability 101

Disability Benefits 101 gives you tools and information on health coverage, benefits, and employment. You can plan ahead and learn how work and benefits go together.

Disclosure when and how

Disclosing a disability may be a consideration when starting a new job; transitioning from school, another job, or unemployment; or retaining a job after acquiring a disability. Here is a good place to start.

Self-Employment Information

Many individuals with disabilities dream of owning their own business, and their dream can become a reality with proper planning. The purpose of this information is to assist the potential consumers to better understand the DOR process and our guidelines to become employed in a self-employment setting and have a successful business.


Job Accommodation Network (JAN) has a Searchable Online Accommodation Resource (SOAR) that is designed to let users explore various accommodation options for people with disabilities in work and educational settings.