Self Employment Information

Self-Employment Setting:

The concept of a "Self-Employment Setting" will allow the individual to choose a particular vocational goal/occupation such as graphic artist, barber, accountant, etc. as an employment outcome in a setting where the individual can work as self-employed instead of as an employee. An Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) will then be developed and implemented as soon as the vocational goal and the services necessary to assist the individual achieve that goal are identified.


  • Must involve sole proprietorship and control and responsibility for decisions affecting the conduct of the business by the individual.

  • Must enable the individual to meet ongoing living expenses and be intended to become a majority source of income for the individual.

  • Must comply with relevant state, federal and local laws and regulations (this eliminates illegal ventures).

Business Summary:

As part of the IPE development, the individual prepares a summary of the organization and operation of the proposed business. This summary is one of the first components of a business plan, also called an Executive Summary.

This summary, together with other available information, will be used to assess whether the proposed self-employment setting is appropriate and to identify the nature and scope of vocational rehabilitation services to be provided in order to assist the individual to be employed in the self-employment setting.

If more detailed information is required for these purposes, the individual will need to prepare a Small Business Plan and the summary can serve as the starting point for developing a business plan.