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About the YLF Program

Throughout the week, delegates work in small groups of eight to ten, supported by two co-counselors, one peer counselor and a group assistant. Every group works from the YLF program workbook, consisting of activities reinforcing the key goals and objectives of the program. Each day has a theme and activities reinforce that theme.

2017 YLF - Three delegates pose for a photo.

In addition to small group sessions, delegates participate in large group sessions which feature presentations and discussions from young adults with disabilities who have found success in their chosen careers. In 2017, delegates experienced fun activities like a talent show, a disability art/culture comedy act and a dance, which offered a chance to socialize with fellow delegates and learn public speaking skills in a fun atmosphere.

2017 YLF - Delegates enjoy a laugh at a large group session.

Before returning home, delegates participate in a closing session luncheon and visit the State Capitol. During the closing session, delegates hear from state leaders, encouraging and challenging them to never give up on their dreams, to take advantage of the diverse disability resources available and give back to the community.

2017 YLF - A delegate sings at the talent show.


Becoming a Delegate

We are now accepting 2018 YLF Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) Applications until February 15, 2018.

To apply, please complete the following application and follow the instructions provided. Students need to write an essay and provide letters of recommendations. All applications must be submitted electronically to: before the deadline.

2018 YLF Student Application (PDF)

YLF Instructions (doc)

If you have questions or need additional information about the application process, please call us at 855-894-3436 or email mail us at





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