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Computer Technologies Program’s (CTP) primary mission is to provide computer based vocational training for people with disabilities. In the course of this work CTP has developed significant experience with clients with disabilities and their computer accessibilities needs.CTP runs a computer repair and refurbishing program. This program is designed to give its graduating students an optional, transitional work experience as volunteers within its operations. Part of the business of this program is to sell refurbished computers to the California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR). As part of this work we are occasionally required to acquire, install and configure accessibility hardware and software. Assessment and evaluation of client accessibility requirements are performed by vendors that CTP has no relationship with, for DOR. DOR then passes these requirements on to CTP.



Computer Technologies Program
3075 Adeline St. Ste. 240
Berkeley, CA 94703

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Alex Tabony
(510) 849-2911
(510) 849-2968

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