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SuccessAbility offers onsite assistive technology, ergonomic and workplace assessments for those with physical, learning, cognitive, low vision and non-sighted challenges. Our detailed assessment reports include observations, consumer’s background, current setup, demonstration and use of technology and recommended products and services, if any. The report will quickly determine the appropriate products and services for the consumer to help them meet their educational or career goals. Additional services are available, including onsite installation, setup and training to guarantee the products are implemented correctly. SuccessAbility has more than 20 years of experience working with consumers and counselors in building a long term relationship of performance and integrity. Assessments are available throughout the State of California with offices in San Jose and Los Angeles.



SuccessAbility, Inc.
941 S. Vermont Ave., Ste. 101-241
Los Angeles, CA 90006

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John Klabius
(855) 877-8189
Extension: 100

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