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Real Work for Real Pay in the Real World

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The California Department of Education (CDE), Department of Rehabilitation (DOR), and Department of Developmental Services (DDS) are pleased to issue the initial California Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) Blueprint Annual Report ("Annual Report") for the reporting period of May 2017 through June 2018. The Annual Report is a product of the CIE Blueprint, which documents the commitment between the three departments to provide opportunities for Californians with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities (ID/DD) to prepare for and participate in CIE.

The Annual Report demonstrates the accomplishments of the first full implementation year of the CIE Blueprint. It highlights state and local collaborative efforts and pathways to CIE that are making a difference in the lives of individuals with ID/DD and their families. Each subsequent year during the five-year implementation effort, the Annual Report will build upon the successes of the previous year and demonstrate the achievements and potential barriers for individuals seeking CIE.

Local educational agencies (LEAs), DOR districts, regional centers, and community partners have been instrumental in the success of the Blueprint. The departments greatly appreciate the hard work and dedication of all partners working to ensure every individual with ID/DD has the opportunity to succeed in CIE.

To view the Annual Report and the CIE Blueprint, please visit the California Health and Human Services Agency webpage at and select the tab on the top right titled "CIE".

Please send questions and comments to

Thank you.

Nancy Bargmann, Director, California Department of Developmental Services
Kristin Wright, Director, Special Education Division, California Department of Education
Joe Xavier, Director, California Department of Rehabilitation

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DOR Budget Hearings 2019-20

Looking up at the dome of the state capitol building with blue sky in the background

Second only to the California Constitution, the annual state budget is the most important document in California government. With government funded programs and services all coming out of one budget, it is helpful for engaged citizens to know how the budget process works and how we can participate. Understanding the process can help ensure that all of us have access to our own government; and that our priorities are being heard and funded equally.

Annual state expenditures are determined by legislative decisions based on a budget proposed by the governor. According to the state constitution, the governor must submit a proposed budget by January 10 every year, and the legislature must pass a budget bill by June 15.

As an annual practice, DOR’s budget is discussed in hearings convened by both the California Assembly and Senate. Other departments in California undergo the same process, and, from these hearings funding decisions are made and added to the Governor’s proposed Budget, which encompasses all expenditures for activities and programs of state government for the next fiscal year. The proposed budget is then presented for legislative consideration as two identical Assembly and Senate bills introduced by the chairs of the Assembly Budget Committee and the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee.

DOR believes in transparency, and sharing information to benefit our mutual interests. While we recognize that resources are finite, we believe that an active stakeholder community can help communicate our shared vision, challenges, and successes. By engaging our community, we ensure our decisions and actions are informed by interested individuals and groups, and reinforce our belief that together, not alone, we find better solutions in pursuit of employment, independence, and equality for individuals with disabilities.

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New Website Design Puts Our Users First

An iphone in front of a tablet in front of a computer monitor with the D O R homepage on each screen

When we set out to design our new public website, we made it our goal to not only create a modern and inclusive product accessible to users of all abilities but make content easy to find. Our public website has been redesigned with the user in mind, featuring intuitive navigation, sleek and simple layouts, and an interactive calendar. The new website offers an easier way to learn about DOR’s services and allows the visitor to browse information based on their own choice. Content is organized by stakeholder group, program name, and discoverable through our new search bar feature. Right from the home page, visitors can get a snapshot of what DOR is up to with instant access to news updates, current statistics, success stories, and more.

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