The Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) was designated by the Office of the Governor to serve as the lead state agency in California's efforts to implement the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in state government and established Disability Access Services (DAS) in 1992 to promote disability rights in state government and DOR partnerships in the community.

  • Serves as a resource that provides public information, consultation, training and technical assistance to state and local government, consumers, employers and businesses to help prevent accessibility issues.

  • Provides physical, digital and communication accessibility expertise for employers, businesses, architects, design professionals, and building officials.

  • Guides public organizations on their responsibilities and the requirements of accessibility for persons with disabilities. However, DAS is not involved in the enforcement of these laws.

  • Provides the following services at little to no cost for state and local government and DOR affiliated partners.

  • Provides specific information and links on the major laws, regulations, resources, and referrals regarding disability access and rights in California for public entities, citizens, businesses, and other interested persons. The information provided is intended solely as informational guidance and not a┬ásubstitute for legal counsel. For specific legal advice concerning disability laws please contact an attorney.


Watch a series of YouTube videos on how to make your place of business physically accessible and learn what a Certified Access Specialist is.

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Learn how to construct accessible documents and forms, plan for accessible presentations and webinars, and answers for other digital access questions.

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Watch a series of YouTube videos on how to make your hiring process accessible, including answers about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) & Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), creating duty statements, reasonable accommodation, as well as many other employment related topics.

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Disability Access Training classes currently available at the Department of Rehabilitation.

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Get your questions answered about service animals, interpreting/captioning services, role of the ADA Coordinator and other related accessibility questions.

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