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Office Address:
509 E. Montecito Street
Suite 101
Santa Barbara, CA 93103


Woman with black hair smiling

Cynthia Munoz

E-mail: cynthia.munoz@dor.ca.gov
Main Phone Line: (805) 560-8130
Mobile Phone Line: (805) 319-8505
TTY: (805) 560-8167
Fax: (805) 560-8162

Cynthia Munoz is a Student Services Counselor, QRP who works with students in the Santa Barbara area, including, Santa Barbara City College, Olive Grove, La Cuesta Carpinteria High School/Rincon and Trivium. She guides, informs and teaches students about employment opportunities, post-secondary counseling and community resources/referrals, self-advocacy-work readiness, and work experiences.


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Javier De Loera

E-mail: javier.deloera@dor.ca.gov
Main Phone Line: (805) 560-8130
TTY: (805) 560-8167
Fax: (805) 560-8162