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AdaptiveVoice is the developer of the nationally acclaimed CDesk software product and a full service supplier of assistive technologies. AdaptiveVoice has over 35 years experience in designing and supporting computer software and systems. We are able to address the needs for computer hardware, software and non-computer related products for blind, low-vision, senior and physically disabled clients. We work directly with the client, counselors and agencies to provide the best solutions at the most competitive prices available. We actively sell products from Dell, Lenovo, Hewlett Packard, HumanWare, Magnisight, Magnalink, Zoom Ex, Eye Pal, ClearReader, Trekker Breeze, Pen Friend and Victor Stream.CDesk by AdaptiveVoice is a stand-alone, all-inclusive software program for blind, low-vision, seniors, and the physically disabled that enables access to the most commonly used functions of their computers. CDesk is not merely a screen reader or a screen magnification program. CDesk is a single program with 18 applications, built from the ground up to be extremely intuitive, simple to use, and easy to learn by utilizing a consistent user interface. "Peggy" is our signature speech recognition system that allows for a totally user-friendly and hands-free computer experience.CDesk is a simple, competitive and low-cost solution with distinctly reduced training time and costs. Most CDesk clients are operational with word processing, contact management, email and basic internet usage in under 5 hours of training. CDesk is speech enabled with large print, high contrast text and dynamic user controlled magnification throughout the all of the CDesk applications. CDesk applications include EMail, Contacts, Internet, OCR Scanning/Reading, Word Processing, Calendar, Calculator, Spread Sheet, Skype Audio/Video integration, MP3 Music Player, Games, NLS Bard Book downloading, Real-time News Reader and Internet Radio.CDesk is offered to a client in two ways: As a software only installation we call Compass, or as a comprehensive package of hardware, software and training named Navigator. The Navigator package includes a Dell computer, 22" monitor, keyboard/mouse, and printer/scanner. We have a special package for the DOR that includes delivery, setup and initial training at no additional charge. We also offer our Discovery package that adds a portable CCTV-style camera solution to the Navigator package. The camera does triple duty as a Live action CCTV replacement, an OCR scanner, and webcam for video calling.



AdaptiveVoice LLC
25286 Adelanto Dr.
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

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Michael Wechter
(949) 436-7760
(949) 419-3506

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