The California Department of Rehabilitation welcomes you to the Rehabilitation Resources Directory (RRD). The directory can assist DOR consumers and their counselors select vocational rehabilitation services and providers. The directory provides consumers, applicants, vendors, and DOR staff access to specific information about Community Rehabilitation Programs and the rehabilitation services they provide.
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1. Eligible for services?

If you are a person with a disability, the DOR can assist you in achieving your employment goals. Together you and your counselor will develop your rehabilitation program that is tailored to your particular employment goals.
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2. Talk with a Counselor

You are an equal partner in developing your Individualized Plan for Employment. You and your counselor will have the opportunity to discuss and choose the specific rehabilitation services, providers, and settings you need to reach your goals.
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3. Choosing a Provider

The Rehabilitation Resources Directory contains information on all of California DORs certified Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRP’s). DOR counselors strive to ensure the services consumers receive match their unique needs and circumstances. Sometimes using a provider other than a CRP is necessary to achieve a successful employment outcome. You and your counselor will decide which service provider best meets your individualized needs.

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