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Sterling Adaptives LLC
541 Farmers Lane
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
Lesley Ann Gibbons
Phone:  (415) 878-2922  Ext:
Fax:  (877) 878-2915

Based in the North Bay, Sterling Adaptives supplies the most technologically advanced equipment and software currently available. We serve those who are blind or have visual impairment and also those with other disabilities. We supply a full range of computer hardware and software, peripherals and assistive technology products including (but not limited to) Closed Circuit Magnifiers, Computer Screen Access, Magnification, OCR readers, Refreshable Braille, Braille Printers, and accessible software for those having difficulty using Windows based computers.We support a team based approach working closely with all the service providing agencies in California. This approach provides clients, who receive support and training from these agencies, with a seamless and well communicated transition. Working in unison with private individuals, non-profit agencies, private organizations, educational establishments and commercial enterprises we help our customers fully realize their potential.We are well known for providing the high quality standards of service that you demand, your clients deserve, and that results in the right products at the right time and with the right back up service.


Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Low Vision/Blind

Speech or Language



Specialty Services

Learning or Intellectual, Brain Injuries

Rental of Accessible Vehicles


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