At DOR, you can make a difference. We administer the largest vocational rehabilitation program in the United States and have more than 1800 employees serving more than 120,000 Californians with disabilities annually through nearly 100 locations statewide. At the DOR there are more than 40 different state job classifications ranging from technical, analytical, counseling, teaching, administrative and management positions..

DOR's Critical Hiring Needs

Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Qualified Rehabilitation Professional

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Counseling staff at the DOR assist people with disabilities to achieve independence through employment, which is one of the primary functions of the Department. Positions are available in locations statewide. In order to gain eligibility for employment, you must complete an online examination. The online examination is available 24/7.

Job Duties/Requirements for Appointment

The SVRC-QRP evaluates the vocational rehabilitation potential and eligibility of persons with physical and mental disabilities in order to develop an individualized plan for each person being served. The requirements for appointment to the SVRC-QRP class include either a Masters or Doctoral degree in counseling or a closely related field, or a person may possess an active certification as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. Students in the last academic year of this Masters’ or Doctoral program may also apply.

Related Masters or Doctoral Degrees

Rehabilitation Counseling Internships

Support Services Assistant (Interpreter)

The Interpreter at the DOR provides a wide range of interpreting services for Rehabilitation Counselors for the Deaf or other deaf or hard of hearing staff members. Positions are available in locations statewide. In order to gain the eligibility for employment, you must complete an examination in person.

Job Duties/Requirements for Appointment

A SSA(I) facilitates communication between individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and hearing persons, by serving as an interpreter. The requirements for appointment to the SSA(I) classification include either six months' experience providing interpreting services to deaf or hard of hearing persons or possession of at least one valid certificate issued by the Registry of interpreters for the Deaf.

Support Services Assistant (General)

The SSA(G) at the DOR provides reasonable accommodation to the known physical limitations of specific employees for completion of their work tasks. Positions are available in locations statewide. In order to gain eligibility for employment, you must compete in an examination.

Job Duties/Requirements for Appointment

A SSA(G) provides reasonable accommodation to the known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise qualified disabled applicant or State employee; performs reading services; serves as a messenger; transports and accompanies staff members to places of business where services are otherwise unavailable; performs simple clerical services; and performs other job related support work. No education and/or experience required.

State Hiring Process

To begin your career with the DOR, the state hiring process consists of visiting the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) website and following basic steps:

Obtain List Eligibility

If a candidate is successful in the testing process, his or her name will be ranked on an employment list in score order. (For example, if a score of 94 is the highest score, all candidates receiving 94 are placed in "rank 1"; if 91 is the second highest score, all candidates receiving 91 are placed in "rank 2"; etc.). Successful candidates remain on the employment list for the period stated on the exam bulletin.

DOR hiring supervisors may interview candidates on an employment list, but can only hire candidates within the top three reachable ranks of the list.

Apply for Positions

When applying for positions, it’s very important to follow directions as described in the Job Advertisement and apply by the final filing date. Applications received by the final filing date are reviewed by the hiring supervisor and the most qualified candidates are notified of their interview date, location, and time. The interview usually involves a panel consisting of the hiring supervisor and one or two other managers or subject matter experts asking candidates several job-related questions specific to the position. The hiring process concludes with DOR selecting the most qualified candidate for the position.

Take an Exam

The selection process for every state position requires an evaluation of an applicant’s education, experience, abilities, and knowledge. To apply for an exam, candidates must complete an examination application (California State Examination/Employment Application Form 678), available when setting up a profile on CalHR’s CalCareers page.

Examinations consist of various testing methods and are described on the "examination bulletin" or announcement. The most common tests consist of oral and written components. Applicants that aren't yet State of California employees are eligible for "open" exams only. Candidates should review the exam bulletin for:

  • Minimum qualifications for entrance to the exam
  • Civil Service classification information
  • Examination and position information

CalHR Exam Search Results

Search for DOR Vacancies

List candidates may receive an "employment inquiry" notice from DOR of a specific job opening and invitation to apply however candidates are strongly encouraged to search and apply for vacant positions as well.

CalHR Job Search Results