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Aira provides a narrative description of a blind person's surroundings by utilizing smart glasses with a tiny high-resolution video camera, and an app on a smartphone that connects to a specially trained agent who describes the images projected by the glasses' camera. When a blind user wants to utilize the Aira service, an app on the iPhone establishes the connection between the user, the live agent, and a video connection between the agent and the glasses. The camera transmits visual images of the users' surroundings, and the agent has GPS and Google map data available displaying where and what is in the user's geographical vicinity. The Aira service enhances a blind individual's toolbox of information gathering techniques. Aira agents are not helpers; they provide visual information only. Aira agents are not a replacement for canes, guide dogs or a blind individual's travel skills. Aira agents have an aptitude for describing and providing required information. Agents receive special training and undergo rigorous batteries of tests prior to taking their first call. A blind individual utilizing Aira can expect when approaching a street corner while walking, that the Aira agent will not tell the individual when it is safe to cross the street. Instead, the agent can indicate if they see cars coming, and they can report when the parallel traffic light turns green. Aira provides technical configuration and set-up, training, and support for the use of the products and service. Products are warrantied up to two years. Net 30 terms are offered with Net 90 available. Rollover minutes or refunds on subscriptions are not available.



Aira Tech Corp
4225 Executive Sq., Ste. 400
La Jolla, CA 92037

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Greg Stilson
(800) 835-1934
(619) 363-4626

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