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The NuEyes e2 is a head worn digital magnifier. The device offers stepped magnification from 3x to 18x with a 101 degree wide field of view. It has a web interface (similar to an Android Tablet) that offers video streaming, access to a web browser and the option to add “apps”. The device is Bluetooth compatible. There is a 1-year Warranty. The kit includes a carrying case, charger adapter, cord, and lens cloth. If a visually impaired person has a small amount of effective vision the e2 may offer a degree of improved vision for reading and social interactions. When connected to wi-fi Streaming videos and browsing the internet are options.



RielEyes LLC
6830 Antelope Road, Suite H
Citrus Heights, CA 95621

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Ray Riehle
(916) 217-7162
(916) 721-7262

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NuEyes e2