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Our company, Pragon Pride is distributor of Torchit, in business of selling human assistive technology device. Our device Smart Cane helps accurately detect obstacles in front. It helps blind user to walk comfortably in any kind of setting (Indoor/Outdoor). Our device is 99.7% accurate in obstacle detection. Torchit is a Government of India aided Social Startup; work towards upliftment & empowerment of the differently abled community to realize their dreams of living their lives with a feeling of not having to be dependent on outside help. Our Assistive Aids has been sold to more than 100,000 differently abled person across globe. We have received support and recognition from Indian & International organizations like WHO, UN, Facebook, US AID, Blind People's Association, Blind Relief Association, MIT & many others. We have also been awarded by Indian Prime Minister, for being an innovative social idea in 2018. On March,12, 2021, Torchlit was bestowed with the National Award for being a very innovative & cost-effective product line by The President of India.



Pragon Pride
200 Selby Ranch Rd., Apt. 7
Sacramento, CA 95864

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Pallavita Patel
(510) 203-8088

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