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1stVoice specializes in Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software and related computer hardware; installation and training, with over 15 years experience, a Nuance (Dragon) Application Solutions Provider certified since 1997. We provide ergonomic and adaptive equipment assessments; we are a Dell computer reseller. 1stVoice assesses the needs of the client, and provides integrated software, hardware, and training solutions. Our relationship with our clients is based on honesty, integrity, and customer service. We provide Quartet Environmental Control Units (ECU) (also known as Electronic Aid to Daily Living, EADL) an assistive technology device that allows quadriplegics and clients with ALS, CP, MS, stroke or spinal cord injury: independent control of lights, fans, hospital bed controls, TV, DVD, doors and more; through either voice or switch control. We provide a range of low vision and hearing impaired products, have on staff a certified ZoomText trainer, and provide interpretive services for the deaf and hard of hearing. We have over 12 years experience providing materials and services to the Department of Rehabilitation; our attention to detail and knowledge of the disabilities field has allowed us to consistently assist counselors and staff in selecting appropriate equipment for their clients, especially when an integrated system or special equipment is required which is not on a published price list. Serving Department of Rehabilitation clients is a privilege, and we make recommendations based on what will serve the client best, while providing best value for the Department’s limited funding.



1st Voice
PO Box 428
La Honda, CA 94020

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David Schorr
(650) 747-0275
(650) 747-0291

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