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2nd Sight Visual Aids

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2nd Sight Visual Aids provides Adaptive Technology to the Visually Impaired throughout Southern California. We offer an extensive line of Video magnifiers including portable and desktop models from Ash Technologies, Eschenbach, and Optelec. 2nd Sight Visual Aids also provide sales, service, and training on Computer Systems, Text to Speech products and all Adaptive Low Vision Software. Our goal is to provide each client with the best products, reliable service, and a concern in fitting their individual and unique needs.



2nd Sight Visual Aids
384 University Dr.
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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(949) 631-2707
(949) 631-2707

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Low Vision/Blind

Deaf and Hard of Hearing


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Eschenbach Optic, Low Vision Intl, HIMS, Issist, Optelec, AiSquared