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A. T. Kratter & Co. Inc.

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A.T. Kratter & Company, Inc. provides technology for people with the full range of visual impairments, as well as several products for those with learning and physical disabilities. We also provide our clients with the necessary training and ongoing support. Located in Garden Grove, Orange County, we have served the Southern California region for over 25 years. We have a store showcasing all of our technology and welcome the community to visit us to try and learn about the latest in available technology for free no obligation demonstrations.



A. T. Kratter & Co. Inc.
2044 N. Beverly Plaza - Unit 284
Long Beach, CA 90815

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(714) 799-3000
(714) 799-3100

Goods and Services

Goods and Equipment

Low Vision/Blind

Deaf and Hard of Hearing


Specialty Services

Learning/Intellectual/Brain Injuries

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BAUM, Duxbury Systems, HIMS, Humanware, ALVA, IndexBraille, Neo Access, Thinkable-Tactile View, Zoomax, Rehan Electronics, Braille, trysight, ABISee, AiSquared, Dolphin, Enhanced Vision