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1aim Assistive Technology

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1 Aim is a sole proprietorship company that provides a range of services focused on each consumer’s unique rehabilitative and employment needs. The past 20+ years of my life has been the inspiration for this endeavor. My rehabilitation, professional life and formal education demonstrates a unique set of qualifications. Certified as a Rehabilitation Technologist from San Diego State University, I have been providing services throughout the disabled community and clients of the DOR in this area for the past 3 years, earning a reputation of excellence in this field. I have observed that too often improper assessments conducted from a remote location result in mismatched assistive technology and in many cases, doesn’t get used. Proper assistive technology assessments, personalized in home setup, and one-on-one training provided by one professional, gives the counselor team access to comprehensive client progress. I believe in a person centered approach of matching the appropriate assistive technology with each individual’s abilities, motivations and home environment.


1aim Assistive Technology
2416 Primrose Avenue
Vista, CA 92083

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Donald Lang
(858) 733-0202

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