The Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) assists Californians with disabilities obtain and retain employment and maximize their ability to live independently. Vocational rehabilitation teams work closely with job seekers to establish the best combination of services and resources necessary to prepare for, find, retain and advance in employment. Our services are tailored to each individual’s strengths and challenges to ensure the greatest chance of success. Services offered include, but are not limited to: 


-  Evaluation of physical and mental impairments

-  Counseling and guidance
We help identify employment options, find resources, and walk through the steps to gain the skills to get a job that is right.

-   Information referral and career counseling regarding subminimum wage settings

-   Pre-employment transition services for students and youth

-  5 Pre-employment services
Prior to finding and applying for jobs our participants may receive training on: Interviewing, building resumes, what to put on job applications, how to apply for jobs, and other job readiness skills.

-  Job search and placement assistance

-  Post-employment services
We track our hired participants for 90 days after starting a job to ensure their job it is a good fit and they are getting the support they need to be successful.

-   Rehabilitation assistive technology services and devices

-   Rehabilitation and orientation/mobility services for individuals who are deaf/hard of hearing and/or blind/low vision

-   Self-employment

-   Supported employment services

-   Vehicle modification service