Voice Options Program

About the Voice Options program

Through a partnership with the California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC) Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program (DDTP) , the California Department of Rehabilitation’s (DOR) Voice Options program provides eligible Californians who are unable to speak, or who have difficulty speaking, with a free speech-generating device. The goal of this program is to ensure full and equal telephone communications access for all Californians with disabilities.

When it comes to choosing a speech-generating application, it is imperative to select one that highlights your strengths, skills, and fully meets your needs without leaving you feeling restricted. Through this program, any eligible Californian referred to a Voice Options provider will have the opportunity to test six different speech-generating applications for up to 14 days. The six applications that will be provided are:

  • GoTalk NOW Plus

  • LAMP Words for Life

  • Predictable

  • Proloquo2Go

  • Proloquo4Text

  • TouchChat HD with WordPower

Once the trial period has ended, the user will exchange the borrowed iPad for a new one with their preferred speech-generating application already loaded and ready to go.

How to Get Started:

Step ONE

Contact a Voice Options program provider near you to schedule an orientation and demonstration.

Step TWO

Participate in a Voice Options orientation and receive a speech-generating device demonstration.


Take a short-term loaner iPad home for a 2 to 14-day trial period. The loaner iPad is preloaded with six speech-generating applications. You will practice using two or three of the applications during the trial period to help you determine which speech application will work best for you.


Receive a new iPad with one speech-generating application of your choice downloaded onto the iPad.


Find a Voice Options program provider near you to schedule a demonstration.