Our executive staff are committed to services that support Californians with disabilities and are responsible for day-to-day operations.


joe xavier wearing a grey blazer over white collared shirt with matching striped tie
Joe Xavier
andi mudryk wearing a navy coat over a bright red shirt with gold necklace
Andi Mudryk
Chief Deputy Director
armel biscocho wearing a navy suit jacket over bluish grey buttoned collared shirt
Armel Biscocho
Deputy Director
cindy chiu wearing a red blazer over a blue shirt with white collar
Cindy Chiu
Assistant Deputy Director
victor duran wearing a white button up shirt with brown tie
Victor Duron
Deputy Director
mark erlichman wearing a navy suit jacket over grey striped shirt with silver tie
Mark Erlichman
Deputy Director
elena gomez wearing a purple blazer over a black shirt
Elena Gomez
Deputy Director
jessica grove wearing a green shirt with gold zipper and buttons
Jessica Grove
Assistant Deputy Director
jon kirkham wearing a light blue collared shirt with matching light blue paisley tie
Jon Kirkham
david kwan wearing an orange shirt under a grey coat
David Kwan
Assistant Deputy Director
kathi mowers-moore wearing a dark blazer over a dark with white accent blouse
Kathi Mowers-Moore
Deputy Director
josefina ramirez notsinneh wearing a aqua blouse beneath a black blazer
Josefina Ramirez Notsinneh
Deputy Director
michael thomas wearing a grey collared shirt with pink tie under a burgundy v-neck sweater
Michael Thomas
Assistant Deputy Director
not pictured
Chief Counsel