About the Disability Advisory Committee:

The DAC is mandated by Government Code Section 19795(b). It is comprised only of DOR employees, yet is unique by being subject to public meeting requirements, open to members of the public attending as well as public comments.

The DAC assists the Department of Rehabilitation in its efforts to enhance employment and promotional opportunities, as well as equal treatment and physical & programmatic access for persons with disabilities.

Purpose of the DAC:

  • Promoting disability employment awareness
  • Providing ideas and feedback related to DOR efforts to recruit, retain, and provide upward mobility employment
  • Advising the Department regarding its provision of a reasonable accommodation
  • Enhancing health and safety

For more information regarding statewide DAC efforts, go to the Cal-HR Statewide Disability Advisory Council’s webpage.

DAC Membership:

The DOR Director-appointed DAC consists of a diverse employee membership interested in disability advocacy. The DAC is comprised of 13 members representing individuals of various disability groups or allies, with emphasis on the intersectionality of DOR employees. Additionally, consideration is given to employees from various position classifications, geographical locations and/or division representation throughout the state within the DOR. The DOR Director appoints employees to serve as committee members for a two-year term.

The DAC is comprised of 13 members which represent individuals of various disability groups as follows:

Blind/ Visual Impairment (or ally), 1

Cognitive Impairment (or ally), 1

Deaf/ Hard of Hearing Disability (or ally), 1

Heart/ Circulatory Disorders (or ally), 1

Intellectual/ Developmental Disability (or ally), 1

Learning Disability (or ally), 1

Mental Behavioral Disability (or ally), 1

Neurodivergent Disability (or ally), 1

Physical Disability (or ally), 1

Respiratory Impairments (or ally), 1

Traumatic Brain Injury (or ally), 1

At Large Member/Ally (individual without a disability who is sensitive to, interested in, and knowledgeable of issues relating to employees with disabilities), 1

Other Disability, 1

How to apply for appointment by the DOR Director to serve on the DAC:

Currently the DAC is recruiting to fill all membership seats. All interested DOR employees are encouraged to apply. If you would like to be considered to serve as a DAC member, please see the instructions below and complete the application linked below.

Application Instructions:

  • Complete the DOR DAC Employee Membership application.
  • Email your completed application (with approval signatures) to the DAC inbox at: DAC@dor.ca.gov.
  • All applications should be received no later than the specified date on the DAC Recruitment Announcement.


DAC Recruitment Announcement

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